5 Sign it's time to Invest in a New POS System

There are many signs showing whether it’s time to invest in a new Point of Sale system.

Like any technology system, your businesses Point of Sale system needs to be up to date with changing trends and advancements.

It may be time (or well and truly overdue) to look into upgrading your Point of Sale Software. See if any of the below apply to you.

Your POS isn’t Cloud- based

So let’s just get the most obvious reason out of the way first.  Cloud technology is the way the entire tech space is going. So your business really needs to be adapting and changing it’s technology to this as well.  If your Point of Sale system isn’t currently cloud based then you are missing out on numerous benefits.

One of the key advantages of Cloud Point of Sale is the immediacy owners and managers have to their businesses data.  The cloud allows your POS system to connect and even integrate with other applications and offer real time data and reports.  This allows actions to be made faster and easier because management doesn’t even need to be in house to see what is going on.  Want to read more about the benefits of Cloud Point of Sale? Click Here.

Your POS doesn’t sync in real time

Cloud Based point of sale systems synch their front of house data with the back of house data in real time.. This gives management a more meaningful view of their data.  If your current system doesn’t have this instantaneous data update you could be missing a chance at a more immediate picture of how well your business is performing.

The information that you POS system provides is an integral part of your ability to report on sales, spending, stock levels and purchases.  Having a real time analysis allows for more effective budgeting and planning within your business.

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Your POS isn’t User Friendly

There is a big shift with modern Point of Sale platforms to be more user friendly.  Complicated and hard to navigate User Interfaces can hinder on your staffs performance in front of patrons.  This can impact on a customers experience of your venue.  The process to split a bill may be sloppy and slow, the check out experience could be long drawn out due to numerous navigations selections needed to select the right product.  Issues like this can be reason enough to replace your Point of Sale.

Epos Now boasts an extremely user friendly interface that is highly customisable.  You could have your staff trained and ready for service in as little as 15 minutes.  The interface is clear and simple while the technology underneath is extremely powerful and feature rich.

Your POS system no longer meets your guests expectations

This is definitely something a lot more businesses are encountering as technology changes and evolves.  Your customers are shopping else where for other things and are experiencing different levels of service when they check out.  Flexibility is key to the emerging generation of consumers. They are expecting things like loyalty systems, emailed receipts, and the ability to split the transaction between various modes of payment according to their convenience.  So if your Point of Sale is letting you down in these areas it may be time to upgrade.

Outages and terminal failures

No system is perfect, outages and hardware issues are just a standard occurrence with technology from time to time.  But if your system is having these kinds of melt downs quite often then it may be time to change up your POS.  If these outages are causing a complete inability to serve your customers then it's definitely time to switch to something more flexible. This is where having a system that has the ability to run on different devices not just legacy POS terminals can be beneficial.

Cloud-based POS systems are designed to achieve a continuity of service and have much greater flexibility that legacy POS systems just can’t match yet. So this means another advantage of Epos Now cloud point of Sale is it’s ability to work on most devices.  So your terminal crashes completely, but you have a spare iPad on hand, you could get back up and running taking sales temporarily with that device.

If you found yourself nodding along or agreeing with most points in this article then it is probably time to consider an upgrade to your Point of Sale system.  Whether you think you need new hardware or a complete software upgrade or perhaps even both it is extremely important to spend the money and get the right system in place that runs your whole business.   

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