Benefits of cloud based Point of Sale software

Owning any kind of business, whether retail or hospitality, small or large is no easy feat.  Each and every day there will be new challenges, new tasks and hours upon hours of hard work.  Therefore having an in depth understanding of your businesses and all of its working details are key to success, from staffing to inventory, customers and promotions. 

Your Point of Sale system should offer a solution to these issues and do more than just process in house transactions.  A way to maximise your businesses potential is to have access to all of your businesses data in real time.  With many traditional POS systems the only way you have access to this information is when you are present at the store, but with Cloud based POS systems you can have access to these valuable metics whenever and wherever you are. 

So what is it and what is it's difference?

Cloud based Point of Sale software is a package that is used on hardware like, tablets or computers and uses the internet to access the all of the data via a remote server.  This means the Primary data is stored in the cloud and each workstation connects directly to that data, eliminating the need for a local server (or workstation). Cloud solutions offer mobility with your data because it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, all the while still having an enhanced security system.  In house, the software will work much the same as a traditional point of sale system, with the ability to process transactions, print dockets and all your business needs,  it is just the data location that is different.  Having your data stored in an encrypted cloud has many perks, see a few below.  

So what are the benefits

Subscription based services

Most Cloud based POS systems are software as a subscription (SaaS) models, which means businesses don’t have to cover huge upfront fees for software and licences. The monthly subscription you pay covers the software, including updates, backups and a level of service and support if the option is selected.   The benefit of this model is that smaller businesses can justify and budget for the payments easier, rather than large costs that are generally associated with tradition point of sale software.

Increased data visibility

Because your businesses data lives in the cloud you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection.  This means with Epos Now you can log in on any device and view your inventory counts, productivity reports, and sales all remotely and all in real-time.  This is a huge benefit to business owners and managers as it allows them to keep on eye on the store no matter the day, time or their location.   All of the information is synced and active and you are no longer limited to having to be onsite to see data, alter prices or add promotions. 


Minimise the risk of data loss

The potential for the loss of your data is drastically reduced when you have a Cloud based POS system.  Because all of your data is kept online in a highly encrypted, secure “cloud” space, business owners can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their information is always secure.  There is no need to worry about losing the data in the event of a power outage, hardware malfunction or the unthinkable, because all of your data is constantly backed up and synced electronically. 

When critical hardware malfunctions strike, you could be back up and operational on new hardware in no time.  Because your data is constantly synced with the cloud, you would just have to sign in to your POS and there would be all of your data, screen layout and everything you use to trade in minutes, the only thing that would need to be configured is any additional  hardware that was running ie printers.   

Cloud based POS software is also heavily protected against viruses and breaches by using advanced encryptions of sensitive data, which means it's one less thing business owners need to worry about.  

Updates are automatic.

Software is ever evolving, and updates, new builds and changes are always happening.  With Cloud POS these updates are automatically pushed through to your system with no downtime, and at no additional cost to the business. 

This means that new features, upgrades, bug fixes, new integrations and more are available easily and updated seamlessly, with no roll over issues or interruptions to daily operations.  These updates will ensure that your business will always be on the newest version of the software and it will be at no additional cost to you. 

Given the numerous benefits that are associated with Cloud Based POS, it is easy to see why a large number of businesses are converting to this type of software.  Another benefit of swapping, changing or going with a Cloud based system is that it may work on most of your existing hardware, especially with Epos Now as it can either be run as an App or in a web browser on iOS, android, Mac or PC. 

If you would like more information on cloud based POS then contact us directly, or get started on a 30 day free trial. 

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