Benefits of Mobile POS

The Benefits of having a Mobile Point of Sale Solution

Benefits of Mobile POS, Benefits of Mobile POS Benefits of Mobile POS Benefits of Mobile POS Benefits of Mobile POS

Having a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solution within your restaurant venue can be an absolute game changer.  This non disruptive little player is exactly that. A completely mobile touch point that gives your staff the ability to take orders from anywhere within the venue.  With the growing number of POS platforms that have the ability to be used in this way, this solution is gaining popularity and momentum in the restaurant world.


Even with the mobility aside, a standout reason to invest in a tablet mPOS solution is the cost factor.  Adding legacy POS terminals as additional touch points within your venue can cost a fortune. Especially when compared to the highly competitive Tablet Hardware market.

And since Epos Now gives you the freedom to run your POS software on virtually any device it can decrease the price drastically. It will mean you can choose the tablet that will suit your venue the most.  Whether there is an operating system you prefer or are used to using, or the size of the screen.  Plus because the solution is run as subscription based concept there is a reduced cost in set up and no outrageous initial licence costs.


Having your Point of Sale system mobile and with your staff can change the way they interact with the customers.  For starters staff can take the orders directly at the table, keeping them more engaged with the customers and means less chance of mistakes.

Another benefit of being mobile is speed of service.  While this isn’t always a goal for some business, it can help to turn tables over faster. This is because the servers aren’t running back and forth entering the orders into a POS system.  A drastic improvement in your venues workflow could also lead to a reduction in labour costs.  The efficiency of your staff can be increased with less backwards and forwards.

Benefits of mobile pos

Ease of Use

Alongside the practicality, the sleek look of tablets and the increased productivity another beneficial factor is the ease of use.  Not only is Epos Now an intuitive and easy to use system but it is also built on a platform that is common to most user’s daily lives.

Since the business has the ability to run the program on a tablet of choice. It means user’s will most likely know the operating system platform which could be iOS or Android.

And there are optional support packages that are offered with the software. So this will ensure that your Business will never be far from help when needed. See Support Packages here

Bonus - The Up-sell

“Do you want Fries with that?” It’s a classic.

Up selling to your customers is a great way to boost your businesses sales.  Of course even without a tablet ordering system your staff could always try and get your customers to purchase suitable additions to their meals. But some may just forget to ask.

So having a mobile POS solution in the hands of your servers can remedy this.  In Epos Now you can set up automatic prompts on particular items. This will make sure your staff are always reminded to ask the customer if they want to up size.

From things like on large coffee’s the option of adding an extra shot, to adding halloumi on a simple smashed avocado breakfast.   Adding bacon on a classic Cheeseburger, to meal deal options that may be available for a limited time.

So whether you are looking to upgrade to a POS system or change your point of sale software altogether, being able to have a Mobile POS system like Epos Now is definitely something to keep in mind.  With benefits like increased productivity, improved customer service and the low cost of implementing more systems as your business grows, this table ordering solution could just be the right fit for you.

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