Epos Now Update 2.37

10th April 2019

Because Epos Now is a cloud based software package any updates are automatic.  It ensures that your system will never become out dated and you will never have to pay for costly upgrades.  New features are constantly being rolled out, some of these features are ones that are chosen and voted for by the users,  and most importantly they are features that help you to run your business effectively.  

Some of the system amendments that were updated recently include:

What’s new in the 2.37 Software Release?

  • Optional Multiple Choice Product (Hospitality Modifiers)
  • Stock Take in Back Office
  • Kitchen Display
  • Addition of Aruban Florin to available currencies
  • Defect Fixes

Optional Multiple Choice Product (Hospitality Modifiers)

Currently in Beta testing - if you would like this added to your licence, please contact us.

We have made some improvements to the existing Multiple Choice Products functionality, which will benefit hospitality users with time saving and ordering flow. These include;

  • Speed - Customers will be able to process orders quicker without the need to go through all multiple choice product options.
  • User Interface - Multiple choice products will now be displayed towards the bottom of the till, away from the main sections of the till but can be used if the customer requests any extras.
  • Ease of Use - With a simple swipe up, you can see the full list of MCPs. This list can also be minimised and maximised to see more or less of the till front.

To enable this, please head to the Back Office > Products >Advanced > Multiple Choice Products. There will be a tick box to make Multiple choice products optional.


After selecting an optional multiple choice product

Expanded view of optional multiple choice products

Minimised view of optional multiple choice products

Selecting options within an optional multiple choice product group

Stock Take in BackOffice :ballot_box_with_check:

Another launch released in Beta and will be released to all customers soon.

Epos Now are pleased to announce that they have taken one of our most important aspects of our software and copied it over to the Back Office.

We believe this will be revolutionary for our software and for our customers business as this is will set us up nicely for another new upcoming feature… Stocktake Groups.

Below are some benefits that come with this new change:

  • No Till Needed - Users will no longer need to use the till or unassign licenses to use the stock take functionality.
  • Anywhere, Anytime - Providing users have access to the back office, they can carry out the stock take from any device at any time.
  • Stocktake Groups (Coming Soon) - By having stocktake in the Back Office, this will allow us to implement Stocktake Groups. This will allow Multiple users will be able to contribute to one stocktake saving time and money.


Kitchen Display

Kitchen Display Screens have arrived to Epos Now and brings with it all the tools you need to efficiently and accurately manage a busy kitchen environment. It provides a host of features designed to reduce wastage, maximise serving capacity and streamline the customer experience.

  • Use any hardware that your POS till can operate on to run KDS.
  • Seamlessly route orders to different KDS stations maximising efficiency within the kitchen.
  • Set timers which highlight orders which have been waiting too long to prevent wastage and improve customer service.
  • Our KDS app runs offline and can receive orders over the LAN regardless of internet connectivity status ensuring zero downtime during serving hours.
  • Order recall allows your kitchen team to instantly recall an order if it is accidentally completed or if it is sent back ensuring minimal wastage.
  • Order amendments allow your front of house to update an order on the till which instantly amends the kitchen order to help minimising mistakes and wastage.
  • Screen syncing means large kitchens with multiple screens can easily keep multiple stations in sync by cross syncing changes made in all areas.
  • Line item completion allows your kitchen to complete large orders in stages so your team take out food whilst it’s still piping hot.
  • Works within the till ensuring no additional training or software is required. Literally plug and play for ultimate simplicity.
  • Ensure your kitchen can see orders by course ensuring food is prepared at exactly the right time.
  • Colour code your orders so the kitchen team can easily identify specific order types whether they are eat-in or delivery.
  • Keep your servers in the loop using a server screen to update the front of house when kitchen orders are ready to be taken to the table.

Defect Fixes :bug:

The following fixes are in 2.37

  • DE-214 - Ensure that iOS app store displays correct supported versions on next update
  • DE-178 - Pos app stock takes allow decimals in unsupported fields
  • DE-171 - apps can create misc products with invalid price value
  • DE-146 - order/layaway button should not be spammable
  • DE-41 - ebt food stamps allow payments against non ebt eligible products.
  • DE-9 - End of Day retrieval no longer seems to be limited to the last few end of days
  • DE-223 - GRNs on purchase orders not showing all received stocks
  • DE-151 - back office options to enable/disable parts of a receipt have no effect on rift
  • DE-273 - Purchase order received amount incorrect
  • DE-270 - Tip outs "rolling over" to next end of days float. (paid gratuities not clearing on successful eod)
  • DE-22 - Adding stock via stock movement doesn’t clear up 0 qty stock batches
  • DE-181 - generate labels by supplier is showing deleted products
  • DE-178 - Pos app stock takes allow decimals in unsupported fields
  • DE-9 - End of Day retrieval no longer seems to be limited to the last few end of days
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