Epos Now Update 2.40

12th June 2019

Because Epos Now is a cloud based software package any updates are automatic.  It ensures that your system will never become out dated and you will never have to pay for costly upgrades.  New features are constantly being rolled out, some of these features are ones that are chosen and voted for by the users,  and most importantly they are features that help you to run your business effectively.  

Some of the system amendments that were updated recently include:

What’s new in the 2.40 Software Release?

  • Labour Reports
  • Warehouse
  • Shopify U.S.
  • Theoretical vs Actual Margin Reports
  • New Login Page - Graduation
  • Defect Fixes

Labour Reports :man_factory_worker:

Introducing Labour Reports for 2.40. A new report in the back office that uses dates and times from the clocking mode on both old and new login pages.

Labour Reports supports business owners in providing real-time data on labour costs across the business.

This functionality has been designed in a way that allows you to report on your labour in any way to suit your operational setup. The functionality includes:

  • Job Codes - Codes that can be created for staff under various payroles which in turn can be reported on. Assign multiple job codes to one staff member.
  • Labour Percentages - See exactly how much of your revenue is spent on labour across any date and time range.
  • Customisation - Report can be filtered by date, time, location, staff and job codes.
  • Export - Export the data to a CSV format.
  • Real Time - Get real-time data based on which staff are clocked in, how long for and current revenue.
Please note that Labour Reports will be released to a small set of customers initially, allowing us to gather feedback and ensure we provide a quality version.

Warehouse App :factory:

A long awaited ‘Warehouse’ functionality is now ready for release, the ability to effectively manage and order stock between your warehouse and store locations. Epos Now are now one of only four Epos providers, Vend, Lightspeed & iZettle two of which require their top paid plans to use for customers to have the ability to manage a warehouse. Our functionality includes:

  • Warehouse Locations - Ability to assign which locations are warehouses and which are stores.
  • Stock Management - Edit and manage your stock for your warehouse locations.
  • Stock Lookup - View warehouses current stock right from your till, helping to manage your customer’s expectations.
  • Purchase Orders - Use purchase orders to order stock efficiently to your store as well as updating your warehouse stock.
The warehousing app will be made available through the app store as soon as it has been approved. Be sure to try it out using our 30 day free trial.

Theoretical vs Actual Margin Reports :chart:

The Theoretical Margin Vs Actual Margin report has been introduced to support business owners to identify wastage and risk of loss.

This new report calculates the actual margin for sales, using the figures input via your Stock Takes.

The actual margin can then be compared against the theoretical margin, to identify gaps or discrepancies.

The value of these discrepancies can then be examined, at a location level, or even on a product by product basis to spot where the most wastage or risk of loss is occuring.

New Login Page Graduation

A few months ago, we introduced a brand new, refreshed Login Page.

Since release, the new login page received the highest positive feedback of anything we have released. 541 people responded on the first day with 93% leaving a positive rating.

Due to the great reception, we have decided that it is time to make this a part of our full offering. This also ties in nicely with our Labour Reports release as this functionality utilises the clocking mode functionality our users love about the new login page.

Finally, this marks as the first item we have released as a software department that follows our new ‘labs’ structure. This structure allows us to release features safely, gather feedback easily and control which users have access to new functionality first.

More on Labs will be announced soon!

Shopify - for U.S. Customers 

This highly customizable integration with the e-commerce platform Shopify is now available in the US

What does this mean?

  • U.S customers now have access to integrate their Back Office with their Shopify online e-commerce store just like UK users. Boasting full self-service setup and advanced features Including managing online and in-store stock levels.
  • A faster product sync compared to previous Shopify versions
  • Variant products can now be mapped by variant or barcode, making it even easier for customers to use
*UK customers will over the next few months be migrated to the much improved global version of this application.

Defects :bug:

  • DE-15 Payment went through on Blackline but timed out on POS, so ignored the successful sale
  • DE-123 Uninstalling psConnect does not remove the associated tender(s)
  • DE-180 Quarterly tax report showing incorrect data when custom start date set
  • DE-295 C+D module out of date
  • DE-360 Unable to add Magento 2 auth token to back office
  • DE-380 Supplier information has changed
  • DE-296 C+D module failing to add product
  • DE-230 Webhooks not firing for certain apps
  • DE-305 Prevent products being created with 0 volume of sale
  • DE-322 Till side stock take search dropdown not showing
  • DE-332 0 total value line items combined with basket discounts freeze till
  • DE-366 Android “Sign Up” UI elements are no longer centered
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