Epos Now Update 2.42

24th July 2019

Because Epos Now is a cloud based software package any updates are automatic.  It ensures that your system will never become out dated and you will never have to pay for costly upgrades.  New features are constantly being rolled out, some of these features are ones that are chosen and voted for by the users,  and most importantly they are features that help you to run your business effectively.  

Some of the system amendments that were updated recently include:

What’s new in the 2.42 Software Release?

  • Stock take in back office
  • Hospitality Modifiers
  • Completed Transactions Quick Access & Filters
  • AppStore Update - KDS Setup Page
  • Payment Integrations
  • Defects Update - Customer facing bug fixes

Stocktake within the Back Office

You can now perform their stock takes directly within the back office.

Following the success of the Stock Take in Back Office feature released in BETA we are pleased to announce that this will now be released in full and available for all of our users.

This feature will save you time by allowing a stock take to happen on any device.

How does it work?

To begin a Stock Take from the back office:

  • Log into the Back Office and select Back Office Stock Take from the Manage > Stock Control section
  • Select the Staff Member that you wish to stock take as and the Location
  • Click Start Stock Take to begin

Hospitality Modifiers 

Our hospitality modifiers enhancement is now live and out of beta.

With over 1100 users now using this feature in BETA we are pleased to announce that Hospitality Modifiers will now go live giving all of our customers the benefit of using Optional Multiple Choice Products.

Multiple Choice Products gives greater flexibility for adding items to a product on the till. For example, you can set up a “Create Your Own” pizza with the ability to add individual items as required, whilst assigning a cost where necessary.

How does it work?

To set up an Optional Multiple Choice Product and to view the new look on the Front Till:

  • Log into Back Office, select Products and set up new products for any of your optional modifiers. Tip - Ensure that the “Sell on Till” flag is NOT enabled if you wish for this item to be an optional modifier only.
  • Select the Multiple Choice Products option against the Products tab and set up your Multiple Choice Product Group

Once you have set up your Multiple Choice Product Group you will have access to this in the till.

Completed Transaction Filters

Customers can now seamlessly filter their completed transactions.

If a user encounters a problem whilst cashing up which they need to investigate quickly, there is now easy access from the Close Till screen via a new button. We have now additionally we have added a filter to Completed Transactions.

This will make it easier for users to locate or isolate a specific transaction from the Completed Transaction report.

What can you filter?

  • Date - Users can filter by Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 90 days, or enter a custom date range.
  • Time - Users can enter From and To times as required .
  • Advanced filter > Staff Member - Users can filter on one or more staff member.
  • Advanced filter > Tender Type - Users can filter on one or more tender type.
  • Advanced filter > Table/Tab - Users can filter on one or more table number.
  • Advanced filter > Customer - Users can search by customer name.

KDS Setup Page

KDS Self Service Setup Page

We have listened to feedback from our customers and staff and have completed a new setup page for KDS which will hand hold customers through the following:

  • Available features for them to use
  • Setup instructions for full customisation
  • Easy installer for offline messaging service.

Payment Integrations - UK

iZettle 2 Integration

  • iZettle 2 integration development work completed and will be considered for future iOS client release. The iZettle 2 sees the removal of magstripe with a view to focus on standout features such as transaction protection, payment data encryption and a tamper-proof design.

2.42 Bug Fixes 

We have been busy fixing issues raised by you and our staff

  • DE-6 - Rounding issue now live for all customers, was trialled without issue
  • DE-21 - Dashboard caching stores new time values against both DashboardID AND CompanyGuid
  • DE-155 - No records of master/parent relation changes caused stock changes report to be out for master products.
  • DE-31 - Stock movement barcodes print over two lines
  • DE-37 - Time Comparisons report ‘last week’ and ‘this week’ only include 6 days of data, missing sunday
  • DE-88 - Customer credit on till front incorrectly showing 0 after opening a table
  • DE-193 - “Blank” stocktake being created on back office.
  • DE-316 - location specific receipts default to incorrect location
  • DE-351 - spend £ save £ promotions removing decimals
  • DE-392 - Uninstalling a payment integration does not remove the associated tender(s)
  • DE-409 - stock lookup shows incorrect qty for weasured products
  • DE-410 - Sub logins cannot reset their password
  • DE-426 - Voided products come reappear on the till after a cloud sync
    DE-440 - Voiding a transaction; Void price is incorrect on Void Lines report (PART 2)
  • DE-445 - pstore Carousel flexbox causes apps to display weirdly
  • DE-466 - On order does not clear when a product is removed from a purchase order
  • DE-469 - Not able to access past the 1st eod page
  • DE-446 - Deleted products have no details in end of day voids list
  • DE-447 - Rift printing cannot print null text
  • DE-393 - Stock Adjustment on only a single location provides ‘Current stock is required’ error
  • DE-359 - Some products with 3 decimals round incorrectly when multiples are in a transaction
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