Epos Now Update 2.49

December 2019

Because Epos Now is a cloud based software package any updates are automatic.  It ensures that your system will never become out dated and you will never have to pay for costly upgrades.  New features are constantly being rolled out, some of these features are ones that are chosen and voted for by the users,  and most importantly they are features that help you to run your business effectively.  

Some of the system amendments that were updated recently include:

What’s new in the 2.49 Software Release?

    1. Core Product Update - Hyper Sync
    2. Core Product Update - New POS Client
    3. AppStore Update - KDS Enhancements
    4. Defects Update - Bug fixes


Hyper Sync

Hyper Sync will substantially improve the Cloud Sync speed due to its adoption of a ‘differential sync’ concept meaning it only syncs the necessary data each time. We have begun a staged rollout of Hyper Sync and will continue this into the new year.

New POS Client

We have now begun rolling out our new POS client and will continue the staged rollout in the coming weeks to widen availability to our customers. The new POS client includes a number of improvements including KDS improvements, an updated webview, improved logo printing and more.

KDS Enhancements

Adding Server to Order Tickets

  • We have now added the Server to the order ticket. This will be updated to the Server that has made the latest changes.

Total Order Amount

  • We are happy to announce the addition of Total Orders on the KDS screen which displays the amount of orders ‘live’ at any one point.

Settings Bar and Text Size

  • We have increased the text size for all elements of the KDS to aid users when viewing the screen from a distance. We have also reorganised the settings bar to show 'Order Views, ‘Display Appearance’, ‘Timer’ and ‘About’ to provide a better foundation to add customisable options.

Customer Facing Fixes

DE-97 - If you only have 1 brand, Till stocktake doesn’t allow you to filter to that brand
DE-160 - Stock movements error with Saudi Arabian SR
DE-536 - Ordered transaction of £0 if all items from a split off bill have been removed and put on hold through table plan
DE-654 - Focus issue prompt
DE-689 - Tax rates cannot be modified to a decimal number
DE-719 - Special characters in company name would prevent Global Payment transactions
DE-772 - Product Group updates not working on Hyper Sync

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