Epos Now Update 2.50

January 2020

Because Epos Now is a cloud based software package any updates are automatic.  It ensures that your system will never become out dated and you will never have to pay for costly upgrades.  New features are constantly being rolled out, some of these features are ones that are chosen and voted for by the users,  and most importantly they are features that help you to run your business effectively.  

Some of the system amendments that were updated recently include:

What’s new in the 2.50 Software Release?

  1. Core Product Update - Archiving a Product (Graduated Labs)
  2. AppStore Update - KDS Enhancements
  3. AppStore Update - API Enhancements
  4. Defects Update - Bug fixes

Archiving a Product

With our new functionality to archive products, you can now hide it from the front till, purchase orders and stock takes without deleting it. Once this product is for sale again, it can be re-activated with the same functionality and stock levels as before.

You will also be able to archive products via Bulk Import preventing the need to manually archive a product one by one.

KDS Enhancements

We have now introduced Classic, Light and Dark themes to our KDS allowing you to tailor the KDS to the environment and staff preferences.

Other KDS improvements include the ability to use KDS as a Waiter Station by changing the order view to ‘Completed Orders’ and we have moved ‘Orders in Queue’ to be fixed in the bottom-right of the screen.

API Enhancements

Improvements have been made to Stock Control, Product Location Area Price and Product Tax Exemption.

Customer Facing Fixes

DE-164 - TYG tickets can create misc products with apostrophe in the name
DE-467 - New style receipts print customer credit receipt when show customer balance is disabled
DE-502 - Sales by product word export throws error
DE-572 - Product search time out when searching for a product in purchase order page under a supplier
DE-688 - Staff Users - Main Location 404 Error when Set To No Location
DE-721 - Maintain alphabetical ordering when changing pages in supplier list
DE-724 - enabling server banking fails to enable module messaging
DE-730 - Reporting - Sales by Product not exporting to Word
DE-736 - Dashboard Pie Chart does not match Cost or Total Margin on the Stock Levels Report
DE-778 - tip adjust not working between devices on blackline
DE-786 - Eat out price being blank on product update template stops row importing without displaying an error in bulk import
DE-792 - V2/productstock endpoint not returning all product stocks
DE-804 - Hypersync initial sync time out for account with over 120,000 products
DE-820 - Hypersync issues with product groups
DE-825 - Location Specific Prices not working on Multi-site Manager

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