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Epos Now has Point of Sale Features for Schools, Tuckshops and Uniform Shops


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Point of Sale Features for schools, tuck shop, canteen or uniform shop

With the Epos Now cloud based Point of Sale system you have the flexibility that is required for a school tuck shop, canteen or uniform shop without losing on features and functions.  You can implement full stock control on items, from store to canteen and even look to implement master products so you can measure ingredients down to the last gram or millimetre, which allows for faster stock takes and more precise ordering.

Set up prompts to alert you when a stock item is low and also have insights into seasonal trends that may change the popularity of menu items and adjust accordingly.

Since this system is easy to use and train future staff in, while also being  fast and responsive, it makes it perfect for those high volume line ups that happen during break times.


Fast Service with Extensive stock management

School Point of Sale Systems need to have the flexibility and functionality that is required for this unique industry.   


Instant access, no commitment, no credit card required. 

  • Ease of Use

The modular layout of Epos Now allows you to fully train your staff in as little as 15 minutes.  Processing transactions are a straight forward and simple task  thanks to it's intuitive layout. This makes it perfect for schools since many run with volunteers and parents alongside permanent staff, so you can keep your training time to a minimum which allows you to be operational quickly.

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  • Management Benefits

There are many management benefits that come from installing a POS system within your school.  It allows for improved accuracy when taking sales, gives management improved accountability and security over cash and offers in depth reporting that can help with trends and making more informed stock decisions.  Along with these business insights and benefits it can also help to manage the growing guidelines and allergy advice that is a huge concern in food industries.

  • Labelling

The Epos Now system can generate in house labels that can be printed out, applied to an item and scanned through at time of sale with the use of an integrated barcode scanner.  Processing sales in this manner makes for a speedier check out that is accurate and avoids any user error and is especially beneficial for items that may come in without a barcode.  Labels can also be used to apply allergy advice on house made food to help avoid any possible allergic reactions and help with food guidelines.  Printing out labels is a simple process and multiple selections can be made to make this process quicker.

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  • Accounts

Create approved student customer accounts that can have items charged through by encoded swipe cards, scanning generated customer barcodes or name look up to allow students to purchase menu items without carrying money on hand.  This not only gives the parents peace of mind in case their child had forgotten to take their packed lunch, or lost their food money as they will always be able to purchase food items but parents will also receive invoices for items purchased so they can see what has been purchased.

Trusted by 30,000+ Businesses worldwide

Epos Now is the complete Cloud based solution, with in depth inventory management, powerful promotions, time saving integrations and customer loyalty all in an easy to use package.  

Cloud Based

Epos Now allows you access from anywhere.  Simply sign in then view and manage reports, sales, products and staff.  

Use any Device

Epos Now works on any device so you could reuse your exisiting hardware. From Android to iOS, Mac or PC, you can run your system through a web browser or the Epos Now App.    

Scalable to any size
Epos Now is a fully scalable solution.  As your business grows, your software can grow to suit.
24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 Australian based customer support and have a nation wide team ready to assist and get you up and running.  

Time Saving Integrations

From order ahead applications, accounting and marketing, there are numerous integrations you can run with Epos Now that can save time and streamline workflow.

Customise your Dashboard

Not only can you access all of your businesses data from anywhere with a login, but you can customise the dashboard so at a glance, you get the exact information you need on reports, products and finances. 


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