Point of Sale Software perfect for your Android Device

Epos Now Point of Sale for Android Devices


Run your Venue right from your Android Device

Epos Now has the ability to be used on virtually any device including any Android device.  From Samsung to HP, meaning you can run your business on a device you may already own.

Still be able to use all the functions that make Epos Now the perfect Point of Sale Platform.

  • Fast Close Keys

Customise your till layout and group products by categories for a smoother checkout process.

  • Split Bills

The split bill function allows you to split bills by the number of covers, or by the individual items.  No manual entering is required, simply drag and drop the items onto the appropriate bill while still seeing the remainder due for payment.

  • Pop Ups and Extras

Easily customise items to have particular pop ups like coffee options, burger extras, cooking instructions and so much more.  A great feature to remind staff to upsell popular items through the till.

  • Customer and Product Search

Have a large menu, use the search feature on the till screen to easily find a particular item fast and easily.  Find your customers fast by name, or postcode to make sure they never miss out on their loyalty rewards.

Grow your Business with Epos Now and your Android Device

Get your till up and running on your Android Device in a matter of minutes.   Easily download the Cloud Based Epos Now App and be up and running on your Tablet in no time at all.  

Why not try it now? Get a Free 30 Day Trial and give it a go straight away to see if it is a good fit for you and your business.


Instant access, no commitment, no credit card required. 

  • Easy to use Till interface on an Android Tablet

Arrange all of your menu items by categories, add pop ups, list out menu extras and be able to write notes on products with specific cooking instructions.  Use Fast close hot keys, search or even scan products to ensure fast check out times.

samsung galaxy tablet epos now till screen

Samsung galaxy tablet with epos now

  • Use your Android Tablet to take orders from anywhere

Tablets can offer your Business the flexibility to use them as a counter based touch points, order at the table devices such as hand held ordering for servers, or they can receive online ordering orders from apps like Boppl.  All the while still having Epos Now's full functionality so you can run your whole business from your Android Tablet device. 

  • Remote Management on your Android Tablet

You can access your entire system securely on any device from anywhere in the world.  This means you can log in on your Android phone or Tablet so you can monitor security, access accounting information, change pricing or run any kind of report.

samsung galaxy tablet epos now reporting dashboard

samsung galaxy tablet epos now table map

  • Table Maps on Android

Epos Now offers a simple and effective, easily customisable table plan.  At a glance you are able to see a complete overview of your venue, from table totals, covers and which tables are unoccupied.  This data is seamlessly synced between all your devices, so the information is always up to date and accurate.  

Trusted by 30,000+ Businesses worldwide

Epos Now is the complete Cloud based solution, with in depth inventory management, powerful promotions, time saving integrations and customer loyalty all in an easy to use package.  

Cloud Based

Epos Now allows you access from anywhere.  Simply sign in then view and manage reports, sales, products and staff.  

Use on most Devices

Epos Now works on most devices so you could reuse your exisiting hardware. From Android to iOS, Mac or PC, you can run your system through a web browser or the Epos Now App.

Scalable to any size

Epos Now is a fully scalable solution.  As your business grows, your software can grow to suit.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 Australian based customer support and have a nation wide team ready to assist and get you up and running.  

Time Saving Integrations

From order ahead applications, accounting and marketing, there are numerous integrations you can run with Epos Now that can save time and streamline workflow.

Customise your Dashboard

Not only can you access all of your businesses data from anywhere with a login, but you can customise the dashboard so at a glance, you get the exact information you need on reports, products and finances. 


Try our POS on your Android Device with a 30 day Free Trial 

Instant access, no commitment, no credit card required. 


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