Prepare your Restaurant for Valentine's Day 

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s going to be big.

The 14th February may be etched in the hearts of many hopeless romantics around the country as the day of love, but it’s also an extremely lucrative time for hospitality businesses.  In 2017, Australian’s alone spent a whopping $23 million on Valentine’s Day. This includes a breakdown of over $20 million on dinner and drinks. So if you are in the restaurant industry it is time to make sure you are doing all you can do to catch as much of Valentine’s trade as possible.

Here are some of the top tips to help you prepare.


We live in a social media world, so this is one of those times you really need to be leveraging off that.  If Valentine’s falls on a weekday, like this year then you need to try and encourage customers to come all weekend long, not just the one day.  Using your social media platforms to heavily promote what you have on for the Valentine’s Period is essential.  Get it posted ahead of time and make sure you can handle any incoming questions in a timely manner. In addition to social marketing, definitely market your Valentine’s Day promotion in the restaurant.  Flyers at the checkout, or on each table, just a way to get in front of your regulars who may consider coming to a Valentine’s Treat.

Design a Menu for the Occasion

With the statistics on spending on Valentine’s Day being so high, you can definitely expect to be busy.  So to make sure all your guests have a fuss free experience you might consider a prix fixe menu.  Something with at least four courses, and using well known flavours, and approachable menu items. If you do go this option then make sure you have enough choice so your couples can get different options from each other. It is also a time to create visually stunning plates.  So take time and design how you want each dish to be plated, just for that extra special touch.  And then finish their meal off with a special dessert offering.  Something like a tasting platter for two filled with mini versions of some of your best desserts.    

Boost Drink Sales

If you are offering a prix fixe menu of at least four courses, you may consider pairing it with a wine option.  Pairing light wines with those lighter dishes and moving on to heavier wines with heavier dishes is a great way to boost your business.  And as an up-sell option you could implement two wine menu selections, a standard and a premium.  Customers may be more inclined to splurge on more expensive choices to spoil their loved ones.

Service with a Smile

Making sure you have your best staff on hand for this event is extremely important.  You want your customers to have that elegant, romantic experience they hoped for so make it special.  Ensure your staff are trained to be extra attentive, and make sure they understand the menu, the substation options and the wine pairing menus on offer.  Also making sure that the menu items and pricing are all set up and correct in your POS system is vital. You don’t want any mis placed orders on the night or have to have your staff learn the new POS screen layout on the fly.

Create a Dreamy Atmosphere

This is a time all about love so make sure you  try and romanticise the atmosphere.  Little additions like tea light candles on the tables, or some fresh flowers around the venue can make a big impact.  If you want to go over and above then maybe offer a rose to each couple upon seating, a chocolate heart at the table or even a small glass of champagne on arrival.  It’s all the little things that can make all the difference to their experience.

Since Valentine’s is a special day for most couples it’s important to create everlasting, memorable experiences.  Make it special, and capture that ever growing trade that surrounds this day.

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